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Our sites have produced thousands of leads and dollars in brand-new business for our customers.

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When your website dominates the Google search results it becomes your 24/7, virtual sales presence, clearly demonstrating your authority in your niche.

Build Trust & Credibility

When potential customers find you at the top of the organic listings your credibility is immediately boosted. But if you’re not showing up where people are searching they go elsewhere. Period.

Boost Exposure & Revenue

Has someone taken out their frustration on your business and attacked you online, rightly or wrongly? We can assist with strategies to repair the damage and help your business move on.

On The Cutting Edge

While we're pretty darn stellar at this SEO thing (if we do say so ourselves), we're also smart enough to know that many strategic minds working together is always better than staying insular. As a result, we belong to mastermind groups which include a significant number of the worlds top SEOs so that we can make sure to stay on the cutting edge of the industry. We take what we discover within these masterminds and use it to benefit your business.

Our Job

If you’re looking for top quality search engine optimization in Boston, you’re in the right place. Our job is to figure out how much business you’re losing by not being ranked at the top of the Google search results, place your digital real estate (i.e. website and social properties) right where your soon-to-be customers are looking for the kind of help you can give, and then dominate those specific search results.

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Local Boston Company, World-Class SEO Results

Yes, our name kind of gives us away… We’re definitely SEO geeks. We eat, live and breathe SEO. Boston has loads of super smaht people, but very few who literally specialize in the art and science of search engine optimization. No fluff, no fillers, no low-value distractions or false promises… We provide solid, measurable, positive results!

At Boston SEO Geeks we have one major goal for each of our clients: To help you dominate the Google search engine rankings and, in doing so, help you connect with your ideal customers right when they’re most ready to make a purchasing decision.

We are considered to be one of the top SEO companies for a reason. We provide proven, results-driven search engine marketing services to get your business found online and increase the number of visitors you receive from Google every day. And, while we are proud of our Boston roots, we enjoy getting to know and bring success to our national clients as well.

Our team is proud to offer high quality traffic generation and search engine optimization services that can help transform your company.

If that sounds like what you’re looking for, give us a call at (617) 370-5958 or jump right in and fill out our SEO discovery form so we can let you know if and how we can help you. We look forward to hearing from you!

Our Head SEO Geek

Our founder, Deborah Bradley, comes from a computer programming background. As a computer science major at Columbia University and programmer at IBM Research Deborah was always intrigued by algorithms.

After some time, however, Deborah realized that she wasn’t that into building super-computers for the government and she let her techie-head explore other realms.

Ultimately, she caught the Google bug, became an SEO expert, and now uses her love of algorithms to help local and national businesses shoot up the organic search engine rankings so that they can be found exactly where their ideal customers are searching for them.

ADA Accessibility and Compliance

We believe that everyone should be able to use any website on the Internet. It shouldn’t matter if they have a condition that affects their capabilities or what hardware and software they need to use. This is the main concept behind the concept of web accessibility.

ADA Compliant

A Brief Introduction to Web Accessibility

The fact is that millions of internet users have special needs and impairments that can make it difficult or even impossible for them to use certain types of websites. By designing your site with these challenges in mind, you can ensure that it’s welcoming to as many users as possible.

While there are a lot of disabilities and conditions that can affect the way people use websites, let’s take a look at some of the most common categories of impairments


Issues with vision include a partial or total inability to see. It also includes people who struggle with color differentiation.


Some users have a reduced ability to hear.

Motor Skills

Some people have difficulty with fine motor skills. Using a mouse is problematic for them.

Photosensitive seizures

Conditions such as epilepsy can cause seizures that are often triggered by flashing lights or fast-moving website sliders.

Cognitive disabilities

There are also many conditions that affect cognitive ability, such as dementia and dyslexia.

The Last Website You’ll Ever Need

Website Development

Mobile Responsive Design


Create a brand and capture leads


Modern designs that look good and create phone calls!


On Site Optimization


Website Specialists

Security & SSL

Websites Designed To Grow Your Business

Personalized Designs

Customized websites that showcase your distinct business

Maximized to Transform

Sites that are enhanced to convert website visitors into leads

Comprehensive Reporting

We add Google Analytics to your site and give you access to all of your data from Google.


Separate your service from your rivals

Generate Business

Generate new customers from a website you control rather than third-party lead generation sites


Have the backing of years of advertising and marketing experience

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