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4 Things To Do in Boston, MA

Boston, MA is the most populous city in the USA, home to an estimated 4.8million residents as at 2016. It is one of the oldest cities in the US. Hence it contains rich history, a variety of arts, diverse cultures, and high end education. It is placed in the top 30 when it comes to economic power. This is because of the number of domestic as well as international tourists from within the US who visit. With numerous activities like walking, exploration of centuries old museums and galleries, a plethora of malls for shopping and a variety of restaurants. Boston surely has something for all its visitors.

Museum of fine arts night front view

Arts and Culture

Museum and galleries that adorn, this vibrant city include the Institute of Contemporary Art.

A tourist favorite is the MIT Museum which features a collection of dynamic exhibitions and futuristic science projects. The commonwealth museum is also a crowd favorite as it features the history of the state and its people. The Museum of fine arts exhibits and host the world’s largest collection of Asian art in addition to one of the most important Egyptian collections in depth and breadth. Needless to say, the art and gallery scene is quite comprehensive.

Shopping and Dining

International brands, as well as native Boston brands, are within the world class shopping malls across the city of Boston. Such malls include the Prudential Centre, Newbury Street, Copley Place and the Haymarket (an open fruit and vegetable market that takes place every Friday and Saturday). This collective of designer shops is adorned with food stops and dining areas.

Talk about food? Boston has got it all. From Asian cuisine, African dishes and American dishes as well, the choices are limitless. With over 50 fine dining restaurants, Boston truly is one large world class diner not to mention its vibrant nightlife.


With over 57,000 students attending a total of 145 schools, Boston is a hub for education: from the elementary level to tertiary level. Its proximity to world renowned schools like Harvard, MIT, and Tufts allows it to be dubbed the Brain Power Triangle. Boston is also home to various conservatories including The New England Conservatory and the famous Berklee College of Music making it an education hub.


Home to the Boston Red Sox, the world class women’s professional soccer team known as the Boston Breakers to the collegiate sport that has been gaining national and international recognition in football, basketball, and hockey, Boston is surely a National and international sports hub.

Exploring Boston, MA

With the numerous designated walking trails adorned with greenery, you will definitely know Boston in no time! The walk the freedom trail’ and the Walk the JFK trail’ are some of the popular walking and cycling trails of all. With designated bike lanes that criss-cross its streets and public parks leading to the Waterfront at Long Wharf, it creates recreational spaces that visitors may enjoy and relax.

Faneuil hall in Massachusetts

The numerous theaters and venues also provide a mix of cultural diversity: with modern blockbuster films that screen daily to classical music played in the Boston Symphony Orchestra. Acting is also essential in Boston as it hosts internationally recognized Broadway shows and live plays.


The state of Massachusetts hosts this culturally diverse city with a countless number of things to do, that should be at the top of your bucket list. Visit Boston and get to explore all this and a whole lot more.