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Tips From A Boston SEO Professional

There are so many variables that go into an effective SEO strategy that it makes the whole process very elusive. And navigating that elusive road in order to keep users and search engines happy can get a little frustrating. So, what can you do if you don’t have a budget for a professional company yet, and you want to get the ball rolling? For now, you keep reading these tips from a Boston SEO professional.

Make Content A Priority

The premise of a blog or website is the content that gets published. And the more you have, the better. But it’s not just about publishing for the sake of getting something out there and showing the site is still live.

Instead, you want to dig deep into a niche and try to get as much useful information as possible. In fact, it will be even better if you can provide info that isn’t available anywhere else. The more targeted your site and content, the greater the odds of establishing a solid platform. From there it can start growing into something bigger.

Don’t Slack On Keyword Research

When you consider how important keywords are and how they fit in with the content, it is critical to use popular and powerful terms. However, you need to be very careful here. For starters, you have to find keywords that are appropriate and relevant to the content. Because if they have nothing in common, you are going to lose visitors and rankings.

Secondly, choosing keywords that are very popular also means more competition. Yes, you won’t be the only one trying to rank with popular keywords, and the best way to compete is to provide high-quality content.


Boston SEO

Focus On User Engagement

Search engines pay attention the length of time users spend on a site. This is referred to as the bounce rate, and the higher your bounce rate, the less visible your site will be. A high bounce rate means users land on your site, only to click the back button after a few seconds. You want the exact opposite to happen and the bounce rate to come down.

Your content will only be one element of keeping visitors interested in your site. For example, do you use videos and photos to help? How quickly does the site load? Is the navigation user-friendly? Do visitors like the overall design of the site and the layout?

All these things factor into how long users are going to stick around. So, if you want to increase user-engagement, make a point of all the small details and how they influence your site.

Keep The Site Responsive

Lastly, the online community is almost evenly divided between desktop and mobile users. But if your site only functions smoothly on a desktop platform, you will lose out on all that mobile traffic.Test your site on as many platforms as possible and make sure it works perfectly on each one.

If you use these tips from a Boston SEO professional, you’ll be establishing a strong platform for visibility and future changes.

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